General PT Services

At Advanced PT we offer a variety of General PT services so we can meet the needs of as many patients as possible.

Our General PT Services include:

  • ASTYM Therapy - ASTYM (A’-stim) stands for “a stimulation” of the body’s healing response, which results in the remodeling/resorption of scar tissue and the regeneration of degenerated tendons. The approach is a non-invasive therapy that works fast and consistently…no meds, no needles, no surgery.

    The ASTYM process is specific and has proven effective through documented, consistent, desirable outcomes – results physicians and patients have come to expect and trust. Developed by a research team of physicians, physical therapists, and scientists, this protocol-driven system yields long-term results with short-term therapy, even when other treatments have failed. Only ASTYM-certified clinicians may perform the ASTYM treatment.

  • Cupping - Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

    Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. It may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.

  • Dry Needling - Dry needling is a technique which utilizes a small filiform needle to stimulate a myofascial trigger point, or a taut tender muscle, in order to deactivate and release the trigger point. This treatment often leads to decreased pain, increased range of motion, and improved efficiency of the treated muscle. Dry needling, which is a different procedure from acupuncture, has been shown to be a safe method for addressing trigger points

    A myofascial trigger point is characterized by a taut band of muscle that is tender with palpation. These trigger points can cause localized and referred pain, restrictions in mobility, and weakness within an affected muscle. There is decreased blood flow and oxygen saturation, as well as increased acidity and concentration of inflammatory substances, present within a trigger point compared to normal muscle tissue. It has been shown that several of these inflammatory substances decrease 5-10 minutes following dry needling treatment.

  • Kinesio Taping - At Advanced Physical Therapy, several of our therapists have earned the distinction of being a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP). In order to be “KT” certified, the therapist must undergo specific training in the Kinesio Taping Method and demonstrate a high level of relevant professional knowledge.

    Kinesio Tape is a unique therapeutic method, which provides support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting range of motion or circulation. The Kinesio Taping Method focuses on your body’s own natural healing process. When correctly applied over the muscles, Kinesio Tape can reduce pain and inflammation and help relax overused and tired muscles.

    Traditional athletic tape is generally wrapped directly around a joint to provide stability and support during a sporting event. The side effect of athletic tape is that it often obstructs the flow of bodily fluid and many times restricts the athlete’s range of motion. For this reason, athletic tape is generally applied immediately before a sporting event and removed directly after the event. In contrast, Kinesio Tape provides support as well as healing without restricting range of motion or blood flow.

  • Micro Point Stimulation - Formally known as ETPS or Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation, MPS Therapy is an FDA approved therapy for pain relief that combines the principles of acupunture and neurology with microcurrent stimulation.

    Stimulation is applied to treatment points relating to different systems involved with nerve impingement or ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) up regulation. Patients re-assessments performed after treating each system can determine the extend of therapeutic involvement. Using MPS, the assessment and the treatments of the root causes of soft tissue pain can be completed with a high degree of accuracy within minutes.

    MPS Therapy not only provides pain relief, but it improves ROM and releases fascia in a fraction of the time it takes manual therapies or other modalities.

    MPS Therapy applies concentrated DC micro-stimulation to produce an “acupuncture” response that “releases” muscle tissue that impinges nerves and causes joint pain. This action thus permits increased re-innervation of affected neural pathways, allowing patient pain levels to be substantially decreased, often instantaneously. This multi-pronged approach to the body’s nervous and musculoskeletal system is the reason why MPS Therapy works so well on pain. MPS is an integrative therapy combining acupuncture, trigger point, myofascial release, osteopathic, derma, neural and structural realignment therapies.

  • Myokinesthetic System - In many instances, Myokinesthetic (MYK) System has provided patients with pain relief and improved function.

    The therapist working within the MYK system begins with a detailed analysis of a person’s standing posture to determine compensations within the nervous system. From these posture compensations, in combination with the patient’s pain, symptoms, and muscle weakness, the therapist can determine which main nerve root level is affected and contributing to the patient’s pain. The nerve root is the part of the nervous system that branches directly from the spinal cord, going out to the body. The nerve carries both sensory information (what we feel) and movement information (how we move). Therefore, once the specific nerve root level is determined, the therapist will treat the sensory and movement portions of all the muscles along that nerve root.

    MYK is like a “moving massage” – stimulating with pressure or touch, the specific muscles that belong to the nerve root, as well as providing movement or muscle contraction, for both sides of the body. Doing treatment in this way allows the therapist to clear impingement in the nervous system along a single nerve pathway, resulting in improved posture, improved muscle function, and decreased pain.

  • Unweighting Harness - The Advanced Unweighting Harness enables partial weight-bearing therapy to be conducted with the assurance of patient comfort and safety along with convenient access to the patient for manual assistance and observation. It provides support for patients during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking, balance training and climbing stairs.ser

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Here’s what some of our patients had to say

“I feel very comfortable with the wonderful care and attention provided from all of your representatives, especially from my therapist, Josh.” – Rose

five stars Rose Advanced PT Patient

“Truly care about the health of their patients. Always have a smile and treat each person with pride and kindness.” – Patricia

five stars Patricia Advanced PT Patient

“I felt welcomed and valued as a patient.” – Shaina R.

five stars Shaina R. Advanced PT Patient

“Excellent staff, timing is always right on, no waiting, very knowledgeable staff and professional. Won’t go anywhere else but this location. Thank you all of you!” – Elizabeth W.

five stars Elizabeth W. Advanced PT Patient

“Everyone there is so friendly and kind! Especially my therapist Becky! She feels like my friend. On top of that, she is good at what she does.” – Ada B.

five stars Ada B. Advanced PT Patient

“Therapists are very attentive to the needs of their patients. Extra care is taken to ensure a healthy and safe environment for professional health that monitors and progresses the ability of the patient.” – Mark Y.

five stars Mark Y. Advanced PT Patient

“Quality communication and explanation so you understand the interventions and exercises.” – Rachel G.

five stars Rachel G. Advanced PT Patient

“The therapy I received addressed the problems that I was having and provided a set of exercises to continue at home.” – John P.

five stars John P Advanced PT Patient

My pain was very great when I started therapy. The staff was helped me work through the pain. I am thankful my balance has greatly improved and swelling and pain is almost gone completely. I’m thankful I can walk again. Very positive experience for me.    

five stars Carolyn Advanced PT Patient

When I came in for my first visit a few days after my surgery my knee bend was only 85º. Now at my last visit my bend is 115º! I am doing stairs almost normally, it is awesome! I am using my stationary bike at home just like I did before.    

five stars Judy Advanced PT Patient

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